You feel like your partner and your civilian friends just “don’t get it.” You struggle with the uncertainty of this lifestyle, worrying about your partner’s safety, feeling as if you are raising the kids on your own, not knowing what the future brings. You are so tired of people telling you “not to worry” because that just makes it worse. You can imagine the worst-case scenario in your head, and you fear that “knock on the door.”

You struggle with the sacrifices you make: with you career, being away from family, feeling as if you share your spouse with the job. You want to understand and be supportive, but over time, you find yourself becoming angry and resentful that you never seem to be put first. You may feel like you have lost yourself, and you aren’t sure how to recover.

Relationships can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. You remember the time you two used to feel so close and connected, but now it feels as if you are living parallel lives. Communicating about anything seems tough, and you go from arguing to being polite strangers.

You love your partner, but you want to get your relationship and yourself back on track. We can work on increasing your awareness of the problems as well as specific strategies to start making meaningful changes in your life.  Schedule a 20-minute consultation today, and we can talk about how you could benefit from therapy.

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