About Kirsten Hardy

Being a part of the military or first responder community can easily lead to burn out, sleepless nights, anger, and relationship tension. You struggle to remember a time when you felt happy or at peace. I’ve spent 20+ years working with the military community and first responders. This is a culture that most people don’t appreciate. To the average person, putting your body, relationships, and life on the line doesn’t always make sense, but I get it. I help people successfully navigate transitions, reduce their anger, manage trauma, and improve their relationships. I understand this life and the impact on you and your family.

People say that the thing they appreciate the most when working with me is my willingness to be blunt, my ability to use humor and just be real. I’ll say what needs to be said. There is stigma about therapy in the community and I want to help you overcome that. Our sessions are just between us, unless you want your spouse to be a part of your journey. I work best with people who know there is a problem and want to change, as painful and tough as that might be. I want people to be open and honest, and I want to know what you are thinking – without sugar coating anything. I’ve spent my life around Marines and veterans, so I’ve heard it all!

When you work with me, I want you to decide what your goal is. And then we’ll work together to figure out a plan. Hope is not a course of action, so let’s get specific.

What I want you to gain from our sessions:

  •  An understanding of the cause of your stress
  • To be able to stop the negative thoughts and replace them with truth
  • Tools and strategies to make meaningful changes in your life
  • A sense of calm and purpose
  • To be able to communicate and be heard
  • Feel in control

I exclusively provide telehealth therapy in order to meet you where you are, so I can see people throughout Texas, Utah, and North Carolina. Please contact me to schedule a free, no obligation 20-minute consultation so we can talk about taking that next step for change.