Psychotherapy for veterans,
first responders and their spouses.
Help yourself so you can continue to help others.

You are a member of the warrior culture. Strong, dependable, hard-working. But you’ve begun to feel angry, every little thing seems to bother you. Your sleep is disrupted, and your spouse and kids don’t want to be around you anymore.

You don’t understand why you are having some of the feelings you are having. At times you just don’t care, you don’t want to be bothered.  You go from 0 to 100 in an instant. You try not to think about the images and memories of horrible things you’ve seen, but once you stop moving, you can’t stop thinking.

You chose to join the military or be a first responder because you believe in something bigger than yourself. But you find that you aren’t able to help everyone, and that is incredibly stressful. And it often seems like people outside of your work don’t “get you.”

Seeing the worst of humanity can lead to a broken heart and wounded soul. Wounded by this profession you love.

You are strongest when you can recognize the need for help. Help yourself so you can continue to help others. Managing and maintaining your soul in spite of the challenges you face.

I know that stigma and need for privacy are real. The need to talk to someone who understands your struggles and can help. You’ve put your life on the line time and time again, and I can help you to find that balance you are seeking.

About Kirsten Hardy

I’m Kirsten Hardy, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Texas, Utah, and North Carolina. As the daughter and wife of retired Marines, I’ve spent my life living among veterans, both on-base and off, in numerous duty stations. I’ve seen the struggles of continual deployments, PCS moves, job changes, and the uncertainty of what comes next. I love working with veterans, first responders and their spouses because I’ve been there.